Flight time

4 hour flight from London

Perfect for

Sun Worshipper, Beach Bum, Foodie



The famous white houses with blue roofs overlooking the stunning sea. Mykonos provides the perfect backdrop to your celebration.

Just like what you see in the pictures…

Mykonos is an absolutely stunning Greek island. Those famous shots you see in the magazines of the gorgeous white houses, cobbled street, blue roofs and even brighter blue seas are very much a reality.

Traditional Greek food...

is absolutely delicious!

We’re talking beautifully cooked meats and fish, amazing salads, fresh breads (yay carbs) and not to forget traditional tzatziki. Mykonos is home to plenty of traditionally cooked food and if you’re a foodie and love Greek food (who doesn’t) then you’re really going to be spoilt for choice.

What’s the budget?

Mykonos is certainly on the more expensive end of the scale… more so than other areas in Greece such as Crete or Rhodes, but Mykonos is seriously one of a kind. If you’re considering Mykonos for a hen destination, you can certainly make the trip a little more cost effective by visiting very early summer (May/June) or late summer (September). No matter when you go, it’s a breathtaking destination that’s worth every penny!