Ten Tips for a memorable Hen Party

by Paige

1) Plan Ahead

The saying is so true, ‘you’d rather have more time, than not enough time’ to plan. This is true for so many reasons… ensuring guests can save the date in their diaries ASAP (and therefore attend), and to allow everyone to have as much time as possible to save some money if need be. If you’re thinking of going abroad too, it gives everyone plenty of time to make sure their passport is valid!

2) Location, location, location

Decide as soon as you can, as to what would be the most suited hen for your bride. Does she want to go overseas? Does she want to keep it low-key? Is it a day thing, or a whole weekend? Choosing what’s best sooner rather than later is key, as it ultimately will sway who is invited and how many people are able to attend.

3) Guest List

Collate a list of the bride’s nearest and dearest. Something the bridesmaids/maid of honour may want to consider is ‘what type of hen do is this?’ Is it friends only… friends and family etc. It’s worth having that crystal clear, before any save the dates/invites go out. There’s nothing worse than backtracking an invite….

4) Activities

Always think about your bride throughout this whole process. What would she like? What wouldn’t she like? Certain activities such as Afternoon Tea for example is always a winner, but choosing a themed Afternoon Teas that may be close to the bride’s heart may make it more unique and special. Including an Ice Breaker at the beginning is also a great way for people to introduce themselves as it’s likely that not everyone will know each other. It’s also worth being realistic. You don’t want to pack out the day or weekend with too many activities making the whole thing feels very rushed. It’s great to have some down-time in- between for some spontaneity and it gives people time for a quick natter!

5) Divide the jobs

Honestly, delegate! Not only is it a great way for bridesmaids and maid of honour to get to know each other better, but it’s also important that everyone feels involved. Dividing the jobs will also ensure there’s not too much pressure on one individual to plan everything and will probably lead to a smoother, less stressful hen! Allocate somebody to be the photographer for the day too, it’s a great way to make sure you’re capturing those Kodak moments.

6) Itinerary

Let your guests know what they can expect from the hen…. Where they’re going, what times they need to be there etc. Whether that be sharing the itinerary on the Facebook group a few days before, or printing one out and giving each guest a hard copy, that’s up to you. It’s a great idea to share contact information of one or two of the bridesmaids to your guests beforehand too, so they can easily get in contact if they have any trouble on the day.

7) Transport

Always factor transport into the cost from the outset. Having transport covered plays a massive role in the smooth running of a hen party. It means you’ll have all the time you planned at each activity to get you there on time, and it also means there’s no chance of people getting lost trying to find venues. You don’t want to plan transport on the day, when people don’t have change for taxis, and someone ends up paying for the whole taxi ride – honestly, it’s not worth it.

8) It’s in the small details

We’re all big kids at heart, so being able to go home with a party bag of some sort is super fun! They don’t have to be super expensive by any means, it’s usually the little things that are the best. If your bride is a prosecco queen, why not give your guests a mini bottle of prosecco and pretty it up with a ribbon and a cute straw? If the venues allow it, why not decorate with some accessories? This could be anything from balloons, pictures of the bride as a child or some fun photo props!

9) Have fun!

There’s always so much planning that goes into a hen party, no matter what. When the day finally arrives, make sure you’re not stressing the whole time by making sure people are where they need to be and having fun…. ENJOY IT! It’ll be such a memorable and fun time, so relax and have fun with all of the guests.

10) Follow Up

It’s a great idea to follow up with your guests a day or two after the event, and make sure there weren’t too many hangovers! Following up with the entire hen party with a simple message is a great way to round off the event and say thank you for coming. It’s a great touch to share some photos of the day, and to spread the love to the rest of the hen party.

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