Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

by Paige

The older we become, the harder it is to decide how to celebrate your birthday. When you were younger, birthday parties felt like the event of the year – princess themed tea parties, trampolining or magicians – whatever it was, it was the best. Here are some fun ideas to ensure you’re having as much fun celebrating your birthday in your adult years, as you did in 1999.

1) Slumber Parties

Remember how fun sleepovers were with your besties when you were younger? Trust me, they’re even more fun when you’re adults! Create a den in the living room, order a takeaway, make some cocktails, and enjoy some chick flicks with your girls. Make a weekend of it too, and rent a house perhaps somewhere else in the country so it really is the ultimate sleepover.

2) Get Glam

This is a perfect start to the birthday celebrations. Whether it’s getting your nails done, or getting a bouncy blow dry, it’s a fun way to start the celebrations with your girls. Get pampered and get glam… this is best served with a glass of prosecco, of course.

3) Dance like Beyoncé

We’re all guilty of dancing in our bedroom, pretending we’re on a worldwide stage, wind blowing in our hair…. Well, why not learn the dance routine to some of your favourite songs by the world’s best female artists?! Thankfully, there are companies that put on these workshops so we can all channel our inner Beyoncé.

4) Ready, Steady, Cook

Enjoy a cooking class where you can create your own signature dish – whether it’s the ultimate burger, canapés that look picture-perfect, or delicious desserts it’s a really great activity to learn the tricks of the trade from a culinary genius! Obviously it goes without saying that half the fun is being able to eat your creation after….

5) Tea Total

Learn about the art of tea making at a workshop: different blends, different benefits, and different ways to drink them. Work alongside the tea mixologist where you can also create your very own blend of tea to enjoy at home in your favourite mug!

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