Top Tips for the Bridesmaids/MOH for Hen Party Planning

by Paige

Are you in the midst of hen planning overwhelm? We’ve shared her top tips to relieve some of that stress and ultimately make sure the hen party is perfect for your best bride-to-be pal.

The excitement of bridesmaid/MOH proposals have started to die down and before you know it, the next burst of excitement is all about….. the HEN PARTY!!! They seriously are the best things ever, and it’s all about getting the bride squad all together and giving the bride- to-be the best possible send off before married life!

Now of course, before you can enjoy the hen party itself, there’s a hell of a lot of planning that goes into it. We all want the hen party to be #henpartygoals and dare we say it…. the planning can be, well…… stressful. FEAR NOT – here we outline our top tips and best advice for you wonderful maid of honours/bridesmaids so the hen party is full to the brim of perfection from start to finish.

Speak to the bride

Now this is the best possible starting point. We totally get it – hen parties should remain somewhat a surprise for the bride BUT trust us, it’s so important to have an initial conversation with the bride-to-be to get some ideas on what SHE wants. You’ll also quickly learn from her what she doesn’t want. This is equally as important. The hen party has to be what the bride-to-be wants… nobody else. This is her hen party. It’s also the best opportunity to get her thoughts on the guestlist, theme, location (abroad vs home). Speaking to the bride will even get your brainwaves working so you can tie in some surprises for her along the way…. For example, you could implement the wedding colour theme into certain parts of the hen party.


Split the jobs between you all – it’s not as effective for one person to be doing everything. If you’re looking at an abroad hen do, split the jobs into transport, accommodation, activities and partner up if need be to have a couple of bridesmaids working on one area. As great it as it is to ask the rest of the bridal party for their feedback, keep all major decision making between the bridesmaids as too many opinions never ends well. The ultimate advice here is to work together ladies!

Party Bags

Who said party bags have to stop when you’re an adult?! Account for some extra in the budget to create a party bag. It’s such a lovely touch and allows you to add some sentimental value too – it’s the little things like including the bride’s favourite sweeties in the bag…. People remember! If the hen party is going to involve a couple (or several) bottles of prosecco, then include a ‘morning after the night before’ pack which could include painkillers, chocolate, water. This one is always a winner. We usually estimate around £10 for a very impressive party bag. Bulk buying is always a must as it really brings the cost down! You could even go as far as personalised tote bags if you really want to go all out!

Always Be Prepared

The hen party has arrived, and everyone has paid up and are raring to go… so be prepared! Now we don’t mean to bring you back to your school days, but do some homework a week before. Print out all of your booking confirmations/email threads/directions etc. Best to have too much info to hand, than not enough! Make things a little easier on the day too by having taxi numbers saved on your phone – it really does save a fair amount of time on by doing this work beforehand.

Have Fun!

This is just a gentle reminder to enjoy yourselves. Hen planning can often start a year before the big event, and we know it can sometimes take over. So, when the time comes that the bride squad are finally all together, and you’re all making the best memories, just take it all in and enjoy it. Your hard work always does pay off so don’t stress (too much). Take plenty of pictures and decide on a hen party hashtag beforehand so you can easily track all Instagram-worthy snaps from the bride tribe.

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