Private Dining


Enjoy a three course meal in the comfort of your own home/villa! The perfect activity to make that celebration extra special

Bringing the restaurant to you:

We’ve teamed up with fabulous restaurants/chefs across the globe to bring the delicious food to the comfort of your own home/villa. With specially created menus from various cuisines, your chef will prepare and cook your three courses for your group. Don’t worry – the chef can tweak dishes where necessary to accommodate any dietary requirements.

Enjoy your own space:

If you’re celebrating a hen party, and you’ve rented a beautiful home for the weekend, it almost feels a shame to not maximise the time spent in it! Lay that fabulous marble dining table and drink from those crystal champagne flutes from the comfort of your own place. It actually feels so nice to get dressed up and not have to wait for the Uber at the end of the night!

Where can we do this?

If you’re staying in private accommodation such as an apartment/house/villa…. then anywhere! Whether it’s in the UK, or overseas, your private dining experience awaits.